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  • 論文
    論文題目 作者
    Fire Phoenix facilitates phytoremediation of PAH-Cd co-contaminated soil through promotion of beneficial rhizosphere bacterial communities Dai, Yuanyuan
    Evaluation of the 18O-H2O incubation method for measurement of soil microbial carbon use efficiency Lingrui Qu
    Above‐ and below‐ground biodiversity jointly regulate temperate forest multifunctionality along a local‐scale environmental gradient Zuoqiang Yuan
    Decoupled diversity patterns in bacteria and fungi across continental forest ecosystems Liu Shengen
    Fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency and fates in maize cropping systems across China: Field 15N tracer studies Quan, Zhi
    Isotopic evidence that recent agriculture overprints climate variability in nitrogen deposition to the Tibetan Plateau Li, Zhengjie
    Nonlinear responses of soil nematode community composition to increasing aridity Xiong, Dan
    Tree species traits affect which natural enemies drive the Janzen-Connell effect in a temperate forest Shihong Jia
    Effects of long-term no-tillage with different straw mulching frequencies on soil microbial community and the abundances of two soil-borne pathogens Wang, Huanhuan
    Hydroxyl radical oxidation of cyclic methylsiloxanes D4 similar to D6 in aqueous phase Han, Wenjing
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